Paraglider/Paramotor instruction starts with learning to Fly or Kite the wing. In a 5-10 mph wind you can learn to fly the wing while standing on the ground. You will learn to reverse and forward inflate the glider and build skills needed to successfully pilot your craft. Once the skills are learned you advance to pre take off lessons, ground school, theory of flight, site awareness and FAA regulations. We take you from the ground up. Training costs around $1,500 and can take up to ten days.
Here, Jeff and I demonstrate Kiting. Good ground handling skills are a must for launching and landing.
With our new Tandem Trike we can give you an introductory flight with hands on flying in the first few minutes. Intro rides start at $80 for 1/2 hour or $140 for an hour.
The latest wing from Paratoys (starting at $2,150) has been added to our list of great paramotoring wings. Contact us for more info and a demonstration of this wing.
The Fresh Breeze Monster will be used with the Flash Trike (shown here) for tandem training. Fresh Breeze is a well known paramotor and offers several sizes of proven machines. Visit our Sales Center for pricing. We carry all models and wings from Southern Skies.
The Independence Dragon, along with other Independence wings, are also available.
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