In voluntary cooperation with National , State and local organizations NIPPGI will not sell paramotor equipment to the public, without expressed written affidavit of Instruction or Purchase of a training course from a certified Instructor. NIPPGI is a Certified school.
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the latest paramotor manufactured int eh USA with an Imported Black devil Engine...  Learn More 

Learn more about Gold Package Prices Subject to Change Gold Package Prices Subject to Change  $0.00 
A complete PPG package Any Paracruiser and Wing, Also includes 1 year membership...  Learn More 

Learn more about PDA reserve system PDA reserve system  $540.00 
The single canopy and pulled down apex systems are the most traditional reserve ...  Learn More 

Learn more about PDA reserve 2 PDA reserve 2  $595.00 
Our new 2001 line represents the most modern technology in the development of em...  Learn More 

Learn more about Suunto Altimeter Watches Suunto Altimeter Watches  $199.99 
Light weight Compact affordable wrist watch computer features Altimeter, compass...  Learn More 

Learn more about Apco Reserve Apco Reserve  $730.00 
Apco Aviation started manufacturing the Mayday in 1984, and since then put over ...  Learn More 

Learn more about Paracruiser Suzie Cruiser top 80 Paracruiser Suzie Cruiser top 80  $4,841.00 
The Suzie cruiser is designed for smaller pilots up to 160lbs. This Unit weighs ...  Learn More 

Learn more about Suzie Cruiser snap100 Suzie Cruiser snap100  $5,200.00 
The snap 100 engine is used on this unit for pilots up to about 170lbs. Smaller ...  Learn More 

Learn more about Paracruiser Black Devil Pull Start Paracruiser Black Devil Pull Start  $5,300.00 
Features a decompression starting system that allows for easy starts on the grou...  Learn More 

Learn more about Paracruiser MZ100 Paracruiser MZ100  $5,300.00 
The NEW Paracruiser unit Is the most popular Paramotor to Date, And is made in t...  Learn More 

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