BGD Wasp

Several performance enhancing design features have been incorporated in the glider giving better stability and glider cleanliness.
The Wasp offers outstanding launch characteristics and responsive handing. Double hang points on the risers means all harnesses are suitable.
Positioned on the safer end of the EN/LTF-B range and DGAC, the Wasp is a rock solid glider that everyone will feel comfortable flying.


The Wasp profits from our latest evolution in glider design. The wings structure is clean and simple. The Cord Cut Billow technology really enhances stability and performance on this glider. Our Optimized Line Layout system yields a total line length of just 328m on the M size providing less drag and better flying.

We have used a Plastic Reinforced Leading Edge and Elliptic cell openings give the Wasp a clean nose and progressive, smooth collapse recovery.

Bruce Goldsmith’s gliders have been known for having great handling, the Wasp is no exception.

<h2>Shipping Determined at Time of Purchase</h2>

Item Number AL: BGD Wasp
Item Cost: $3300.00
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