Everest Oxygen

The OXYGEN  is a versatile wing for both free flying and powered flight. It is suitable for students in training but also ideal for new pilots. It is a perfect glider for pilots who appreciate an easy, safe and solid wing for the first chapter of their paramotor experience.

High Passive Safety:  It satisfies the vast majority of power flight pilots who search for safety, ease of operation and docile flight characteristics. The wing offers simplicity in flight while providing a high level of passive safety.  This glider is very efficient offering low fuel consumption during cross-country flights.

Light and Easy to Launch:  Like the whole range of Everest gliders, the OXYGEN  is mainly produced with 29 gr/m² fabric on top and bottom surface. The result is an extremely easy inflation behavior, especially in nil wind conditions. 




  • 39 cells, 6 of them closed
  • Use of 29 gr/m² Nylon 6.6 light fabric on top and bottom surface of the canopy for a super easy inflation
  • Mini-Ribs (Profiles between the cells of the trailing edge, which improve performance and handling)
  • Flexible nylon battens reinforcements
  • Advanced air foil design to boost and keep stable internal pressure
  • Trimmers for acceleration
  • Split A risers






Flat area (m²) 22,9 26,5 28,3
Cells 39 39 39
Flat Aspect Ratio 5,01 5,01 5,01
Projected Aspect Ratio 4,23 4,23 4,23
Glider weight 4,5 5 5,5
Recommended pilot weight (kg) 65-80 80-100 100-120
Certification EN 926-1 EN 926-1 EN 926-1
Registration DGAC
Item Number
Item Cost: $3275.00
Shipping Cost: $0.00