The Icaro 2000 Skyrider TZ PPG helmet, with an optional clear visor, is the result of years of research in the Powered Paragliding community. Icaro took the time to find out what pilots wanted in a communication helmet and this is the result. The combination of the quality of workmanship, materials used, great looks and affordable price will make this helmet the first choice among PPG pilots.

If you fly at an airport or congested airspace, you may need the Deluxe Com, compatible with many aviation radios including Icom and Vertex. The General Aviation 2 pin connector (CB13) enables you to use with GA intercoms. - Helmet without Comms $215

We have Sena Bluetooth Models as well (10R, 30K, or SenaTuffTalk) - call for details!

The Icaro 2000 Skyrider TZ is a fully certified polycarbonate technology open face PPG helmet.

Sizes: XS (53 – 54 cm), S (55 – 56 cm), M (57 – 58 cm), L (59 – 60 cm), XL (61 – 62 cm), XXL (63 – 64 cm)

Shipping Determined at Time of Purchase

Item Number AL: ICARO 2000 SKYRIDER TZ PPG helmet with NAC Deluxe COM headset
Item Cost: $475.00
Shipping Cost: $0.00