The new Solar X helmet from Icaro 2000 has a very modern look thanks to its reduced width, which helps to reduce weight and offers less resistance to the air.  It has a 3mm polycarbonate shell that makes the helmet very strong and the inner polystyrene has two channels to create airflow inside the helmet.

Available in four colors: carbon optic, black-white, black-orange, black-green, Scratch blue and Scratch grey.  Scratch blue and scratch grey are an additional 55 dollars.

You can choose to add a visor. There are two optional clear or tinted visors available, short and long.

The helmet is available in three sizes:

Small (53cm to 56cm)

Medium (57cm to 59cm)

Large (60cm to 61cm.)

This size numbers correspond to the pilot’s head circumference.

The internal padding incorporates a wheel regulator in order to perfectly adjust the size to your head circumference. This padding is removable and can be washed.

The helmet has plastic coated stainless steel wire sidepieces and a micrometric chin strap

If you fly at an airport or congested airspace, you may need the Deluxe Com, compatible with many aviation radios including Icom and Vertex. The General Aviation 2 pin connector (CB13) enables you to use with GA intercoms. - Helmet without Comms $365

Shipping Determined at Time of Purchase

Item Number AL: ICARO Solar X PPG helmet with NAC Deluxe COM headset
Item Cost: $740.00
Shipping Cost: $0.00