Impulse Paramotors

The Impuls LT Paramotor Frame is versatile and sturdy for both foot launched flight and PPG Trikes.

This paramotor features a strong Aluminum Frame with a rigid cage, made with Carbon Fiber Struts and an Aluminum Cage Ring. The cage assembles and comes apart quickly for easy transport.

The suspension is similar to the Miniplane ABM with "Swan" arms to allow Weight-Shift control during flight. The harness is their own proprietary harness, comfortable and easy to become seated once airborne and vertical for landing. The support behind the knees is immediately noticeable and it is adjustable for comfort.

Impulse Paramotors:  
Impuls Paramotor Frame/Cage/Harness Only (22.7 lbs) $3,450
Impuls Top 80 + E-Prop (48 lbs) $5,995
Impuls Vittorazi Atom 80 + E-Prop (45.8 lbs) $6,195
Impuls Vittorazi Moster Plus + E-Prop (58 lbs) $6,750
Impuls Vittorazi Moster Dual Start + E-Prop (60 lbs) $7,450

Shipping Determined at Time of Purchase

Item Number TB: Impulse
Item Cost: $6750.00
Shipping Cost: $240.00