Kangook Vikking 185 Plus

Kangook products are entirely manufactured in Quebec, Canada, with the permanent concern of quality and constant innovation. At Kangook the customer is king! This is why our adaptive paramotor cage will satisfy you in every detail. As Pilot in Command (pic) whether beginner, competition or acrobatic, we are confident you will find the ideal product that will take you on your next paramotor adventure.

  • Vikking Atom 80 - $6,500
  • Vikking Moster 185 Plus - $6,900
  • Vikking Moster 185 Plus Dual Start - $7,300

This is the first paramotor in the world offering both a cage with identical sections and offering 5 different fastening systems on the same chassis. Which attachment system is best for you?

  • The lower your system attaches to the Kangook the more you gain maneuverability. You want the sensation of flying like a bird and this is it! These paragliding attachment options gives you the feel of a steering wheel!
  • If you seek maximum stability, you will appreciate our high rovers that provide maximum comfort and cushioning.
  • The best compromise is the swan neck system. When attached to the center of the chassis you will be pleasantly surprised by the handling and exceptional
  • To refine your selection, Kangook is pleased to offer a variety combinations to meet your individual flying needs.

Shipping Determined at Time of Purchase

Item Number AL: Kangook Vikking
Item Cost: $6900.00
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