Mac Para Muse 4

Based on the success of the Muse series, the Muse 4 continues making history because of its popularity and beloved launching characteristic that MACPARA gliders are known for. Muse 3 has become the best-selling EN A glider because of how happy pilots feel flying it. The new Muse 4 continues to write the history. Many gliders competing in the entry level glider class are boring once you learn the basics of launching and landing. Not the Muse 4. You would be hard pressed to think you could out fly this glider. Your abilities to play like a bird will exceed your expectations. You will be glad to know that the safety of the Muse 4 is also found using full speed bar.

The Muse 4 is simple to control on the ground and in the air. You will feel like a pro with its exceptional take off characteristics to get you flying right after inflation with no hassles. It will stay above your head without the tendency to overshoot, collapse or wander off course. The safety in the Muse 4 is best admired by pilots that are looking for a paraglider resistant to collapse. With this glider you can keep your eyes on the scenery instead of being worried about what’s coming next. Flying the Muse 4 you will notice immediately how well it is able to perform everything you need to enjoy the flight without feeling like your missing out. MACPARA hit the target by designing a fun performance glider with high stability characteristics. When flying the Muse 4 on several XC flights we proved that it can fly same distances and speeds like other gliders from high categories and this relaxed.

Wing Sizes:

  • 22 - $3,150
  • 24 - $3,200
  • 26 - $3,200
  • 28 - $3,250
  • 30 - $3,300
  • 34 - $3,500

<h2>Shipping Determined at Time of Purchase</h2>

Item Number AM: Mac Para Muse 4 size 24-26
Item Cost: $3200.00
Shipping Cost: $0.00