Miniplane Top 80 & Mojo PWR Package

For pilots up to 200 lbs!

The Miniplane Top 80 Paramotor has now been paired with the fully certified Ozone Mojo PWR Glider for a sporty, responsive flying package for progressing Paramotor Pilots with a body weight of up to 200 lbs. This great combo is a perfect setup for the lighter pilots. Right now, we are including a FREE Icaro PPG Helmet and a copy of the PPG Bible with this package - a $240 value!

Miniplane Top 80 PSF Paramotor & Mojo PWR PPG Package - $8495

Miniplane Top 80 ABM Paramotor & Mojo PWR PPG Package - $8995

Now, for a limited time, we are including an Icaro Skyrider TZ PPG Helmet and the PPG Bible with our Paramotor Packages - a $240 value!  These great helmets protect your ears while engaging in Paramotoring. Helmet can be upgraded if desired, you can add an optional electronics package which will allow you to communicate with your instructor and other pilots.

The PPG Bible has become the industry standard PPG training textbook for learning how to Paramotor.  This resource provides newcomers with everything needed to succeed at paramotoring, buy equipment and thrive in the sport.


The Fine Print:
In order to qualify for the equipment package only, pilot must be a currently USPPA certified and flying pilot or enrolled in a recognized USPPA school with a Certified PPG Instructor.

Powered paragliding requires significant training. We will not sell a paraglider or motor to anyone until we have verified that they have arranged for, or have completed training with a recognized Instructor.  See our training rates offered here at NIPPGI!

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