Paracruiser Eclipse

With Paracruiser, you get all of the same features as other paramotors on the market, but with a significant price difference, and made 100% in the USA!  Paracruiser Paramotor includes the Eclipse frame, Engine of your choice, Apco Universal Harness, Universal saftey netting, strong and durable 3 gallon gas tank, Left or Right handed throttle, 48″ wood propeller. (Carbon Fiber prop + $70.00).

Motor Choices:

- Polini Thor 80 ($5,450)
- Polini Thor 130 ($5,950)
- Polini 190 ($6,350)
- Moster 185 Plus ($6,250)

Shipping Determined at Time of Purchase

Item Number PC: Moster 185 Plus
Item Cost: $6250.00
Shipping Cost: $0.00