Parajet Maverick Sport

Lightweight, but never too lightweight. Using high-performance Titanium Alloy, Parajet engineers have provided Maverick with a strong and functional titanium paramotor frame that delivers a remarkable flying experience. The Parajet Maverick will make sure you’re up there, escaping, in the simplest way you know how.

The Maverick is by far the most popular Parajet.  For pilots choosing a Maverick with the Moster Plus 185, the Sport is the most popular package, which includes a slightly higher performance E-Prop, cooling shroud, and travel bag.

Maverick options:

Maverick Model Engine Harness       Cost
Maverick Atom 80 Atom 80 Dudek       $8,187
Maverick Standard Moster Plus 185 Dudek       $8,367
Maverick Sport Moster Plus 185 Dudek       $8,850

Shipping Determined at Time of Purchase

Item Number SB: Parajet Maverick Sport - Moster Plus 185
Item Cost: $8367.00
Shipping Cost: $0.00