Parajet Volution 3

The latest generation of Volution Paramotor respects its heritage without being a slave to it. The Volution 3 is pure Parajet – the culmination of all the experience gained through our pioneering design, engineering innovation and Paramotoring expertise.  The Moster 185 Factory is lighter than the Moster 185 Plus. The Moster 185 Factory is more expensive and delivery times are longer.

Volution 3 options:

Volution 3 Model Engine Harness   Cost
V3 Moster Plus 185 Moster Plus 185 Dudek   $8,738
V3 Moster Plus 185 DS Moster Plus 185 DS Dudek   $9,138
V3 Thor 303 Thor 303 Dudek   $10,495


Item Number SB: Parajet Volution 3 Moster Plus 185
Item Cost: $8738.00
Shipping Cost: $0.00