Parajet Zenith

Instantly recognisable as a Parajet, the Zenith is a unique and singular design statement. Good design, however, is not just about form; it is also about function. We achieve this through our unmatched precision manufacturing and consistency in production. We’re used to creating products that change the Paramotoring world but with the Zenith we’re not only bringing a new flying experience to pilots, we’re delivering an innovation, honed to be more efficient and more practical.  The Moster 185 Factory is lighter than the Moster 185 Plus. The Moster 185 Factory is more expensive and delivery times are longer.

Zenith options:

Zenith Model Engine Harness Prop Cost
Zenith Atom 80 Atom 80 Dudek Helix $7,895
Zenith Thor 130 Thor 130 Dudek Helix $8,295
Zenith Moster Plus 185 Moster Plus 185 Dudek E-Prop $8,295
Zenith Moster Plus 185 DS Moster Plus 185 DS Dudek E-Prop $8,750
Zenith Moster 185 Factory Moster 185 Factory Dudek E-Prop $9,300

Shipping Determined at Time of Purchase

Item Number SB: Parajet Zenith Moster Plus 185
Item Cost: $8295.00
Shipping Cost: $0.00