SkyMax Star

Light and strong Frame with a "Star" Design.

This is a new, light and compact frame, and when paired with a Vittorazi Moster 185 Plus engine (165lb of thrust) it weighs in at only 48lbs!  Other motor choices are available as listed below.

Using the latest technology in titanium-aluminium, SkyMax has produced an amazingly light but strong frame.  Paired with a powerful engine that makes flying and ground handling your paramotor a breeze, resulting with effortless launch and landings.

The SkyMax Star Paramotor frame is available for a wide range of engine options giving you the choice of setup to suit your flying needs:

STAR Kit: includes Skymax Star frame, Skymax soft fuel tank 15L, choice of engine, E-prop or Helixpropeller (1.25m or 1.30m), full throttle, SkyMax Harness.

  • Frame Only with soft fuel tank ($1,920)
  • Moster Silent FY19 ($6,160)
  • Moster 185 Plus ($6,270)
  • Moster 185 Plus Dual Start ($6,540)
  • ATOM 80 ($5,960)
  • EOS Booster ($6,200)
  • EOS 150 ($6,460)
  • BlackBull 230 ($6,460)
  • BullMax 230 ($6,460)

Shipping Determined at Time of Purchase

Item Number SM: SkyMax Star with Moster 185 Plus
Item Cost: $6270.00
Shipping Cost: $0.00